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Please read the following guidelines before submitting a show!

What to submit
When to submit
How to submit


The genre of at least one of the bands on the show must be one of the following: Punk, Hardcore, Indie Rock or Metal (as in the punk/hardcore variety, not mainstream genres)

Please note that the term "Indie Rock" refers to a genre of music and not the fact that a band is signed or not. Indie Rock is essentially a form of punk rock. If you don't know what Indie Rock is, the band you are trying to list probably is NOT indie rock. For a good definition of what Indie Rock is, see the following: All other genres of music will not be listed, including: rock, pop, soul, blues, jazz, hip-hop, dance, funk, rap, reggae, folk, r&b, country, bluegrass, celtic, new age, swing, etc.

Only one of the bands on the bill has to fit into one of these genres for the whole show to be listed. For example, if you have a show with punk, hip hop and country bands on the same bill, all bands will be listed.

The show must be in Northern California in either the Chico or Redding area. This includes: Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Yuba City, Marysville, Corning, Orland, Red Bluff, Anderson and Redding. These are the only areas that will be listed. Nothing else in California (or any other state) will be listed. This means nothing in the Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. areas will be listed. If you have a question about whether you location counts, please ask.

If any of the bands on the show are racist or blatantly sexist or homophobic, the whole show will not be listed. Period. Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

Only musical events will be listed on this website. If the musical event also features speakers, films, etc, they may be listed as a comment to the show. Plays will only be listed if they are musical in nature and are of the punk/hardcore/metal/indie persuasion.


What to submit:

Please submit the following, preferably in this order:

1. Show Date
2. Venue
3. Time
4. Price
5. Age Restriction (all ages, 21+, 18+, etc)
6. Event title (optional - if the event has a title, such as "Day on the Green", or "Battle of the Bands", etc.)
7. Bands playing (please only submit CONFIRMED bands)
8. Any comments

For each band, submit the following:

1. Band name
2. Band website (optional)
3. Band description (optional - keep it short and relevant, such as where they are from, what label they are on, what they sound like)


When to submit:

Please submit shows no more than 2 months in advance. Your submission will be processed as soon as possible, usually within one or two days, however, sometimes it might take longer.

To ensure that your submission makes it in the weekly e-mail listing, please submit it before 10am on Monday.


How to submit:

Email with all show submissions, questions, comments, etc.



The moderator of this website reserves the right to list or not list your show. As long as your show fits all the criteria (in the opinion of the moderator), your show will be listed.


Zeke Rogers,

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